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Kristen Stewart has had a tough time dealing with the consequences of cheating on Robert Pattinson this summer, but for his part, Rob seems to be doing better each day.

And apparently, his caring sisters believe he’d be better off without her in the long run!

DETAILS: It’s Over! Robert Pattinson Moving On From Kristen & Putting Their Pad Up For Salec

According to RadarOnline, Rob’s sisters Victoria and Lizzie have advised Robert to stay single and would kill him for going back to Kristen Stewart.

A source told the site:

“Robert’s sisters were fuming with Kristen for hurting their brother in the way she did,” a source revealed.

“Lizzy and Victoria feel terrible for heartbroken Robert, especially because of the embarrassment that was caused by the manner in which the affair was exposed.”

“They’ve told him that there’s no way he can take Kristen back after what she did to him.”

According to RadarOnline, Rob’s sisters Victoria and Lizzie have advised Robert to stay single and would kill him for going back to Kristen Stewart.

The sisters truly believe that the saying “once a cheater, always a cheater” applies to Kristen:

“It’s a case of once she’s cheated, what’s to stop her doing it again and Lizzy and Victoria are pretty unforgiving over Kristen’s actions.”

“Instead, they believe Robert should embrace singledom, throw himself into work and not consider settling down with anyone until he’s ready.”

“They will kill him if he gets back with Kristen.”

Rob has been taking all the steps possible to get Kristen out of his life, including moving out of their shared L.A. home, but only he knows if he can get her off his mind for good.

Do you think that Robert should listen to his sisters?

Source: Global Grind

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As you may have heard — it has been in the news here and there — Twilight stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart broke up this summer. 

Actually, everyone has seen the stories — including Pattinson.“Yeah, I read it,” the 26-year-old British actor says during an interview at a New York hotel.“It’s my life. You sort of want to read it. You feel like you need to read it. It’s one of those things where you keep picking a scab. You know you shouldn’t be doing it, but it’s a weird kind of addiction. You desperately want to stop.”

About a month ago, a tabloid published photos of Stewart, Pattinson’s live-in girlfriend of four years, in an embrace with her Snow White & the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders. Since then, the media seem able to talk of little else.

“At times, I find the whole thing pretty funny,” Pattinson admits. “It is pretty funny. My life is kind of ridiculous to me. It’s so absurd at times.” Pattinson would rather talk about his new film, the David Cronenberg drama Cosmopolis. When the noted independent filmmaker, whose credits include A History of Violence (2005) and Eastern Promises (2007), gave Pattinson the script for Cosmopolis — based on the Don DeLillo novel — the actor could see himself as Eric Parker, the 28-year-old billionaire asset manager whose world falls apart around him as he rides in his stretch limo to get a haircut while wagering his company’s massive fortune on a bet. But Pattinson had one problem. Read more…

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I’ve added new production stills from “The Breaking Dawn: Part 2″ movie to the gallery.

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It has been a summer of discontent for Robert Pattinson. Since his longtime girlfriend and “Twilight” co-star Kristen Stewart was photographed in intimate poses with another man a few weeks ago, the heat on his life has been daunting.

How does he deal with it?”

“It drives you nuts,” he says of all the hoopla. “It’s just nuts.

“I don’t know how I cope with it. I really don’t know,” he says in a good-natured voice.

“At times, I find the whole thing pretty funny. It is pretty funny. My life is kind of ridiculous to me. It’s so absurd at time.”

Last week he fended off countless questions about the scandal while making the media rounds to promote “Cosmopolis,” his new film with director David Cronenberg (“A History of Violence,” “Eastern Promises”).

Through it all, he felt the love of his fans. The Twi-hards definitely have been Team Robert.

“I don’t credit that to myself,” Pattinson says. “It’s just that there is something elemental about the ‘Twilight’ books and the movies. The core story has connected to people. Read more…

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I’ve added new high quality candids photos of Robert Pattinson arriving at Jimmy Kimmel Show on August 22, 2012. Robert is looking all smiling while leaving the limo. Glad to see him happy!

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The phone call began with Pattinson and Cronenberg laughing.

Question: Sounds like you two aren’t having any trouble having fun.
Pattinson: We rollick and frolic. We have no problem.

Q: And Robert, you haven’t been in the news enough lately.
Pattinson: Heh.

Q: Your character is a disconnected guy trying to connect. Or maybe it’s the other way around. How do you play that?
Pattinson: I think he’s just very, very self-obsessed. It’s going deeper and deeper into self-obsession until it kind of implodes. It’s also just the words. Everything is done for me. I sort of instinctively felt like I knew what to do from the beginning because the script was so good.

Q: Is it tricky to direct someone having a prostate exam (as Packer does in the film)?
Cronenberg: For me? Oh, no problem.

Q: Robert, I assume you’re rich. But Packer is incredibly rich. Is there a freedom to that?
A: I think it’s actually quite a difficult way to live. I’ve met a few people who have fictional money (laughing). If you have any interest in the world, it’s very difficult to see. Your eyes are totally different to most people. Money really does change people. You have to make an effort to be normal, I think.

Q: Did you go through that when you became successful?
Pattinson: It’s different. Dealing with fame is different. Everyone gets stuff thrown at them in life, and you have to figure out how to deal with it.

Q: There’s a ton of publicity surrounding you now, good and bad. Presumably you’re in a bubble while shooting the film, so not as many people are keeping up.
Cronenberg: In fact, a lot of the “Twilight” fans were keeping up. They made websites, and they had spy-cams. But all of that was really quite sweet. It was quite gentle and quite affectionate, and you had these young girls who had never read anything but “Harry Potter” and “Twilight” before (but) were reading “Cosmopolis,” they were reading Don DeLillo and writing about it on their blogs.

Q: Robert, “Twilight” is winding down. What has that been like?
Pattinson: Pretty crazy (laughing). No one ever believes me, but no one involved with the first movie had any idea that it was going to turn out to be what it was going to be. We didn’t even know if we were going to make the sequels. You go on this runaway train that I was entirely unprepared for. And at the same time, I was kind of figuring out whether I wanted to be an actor or not, which is kind of interesting. You’re in your 20s, you’re trying to figure out what you want to do with your life.

Q: What about the fame aspect of it? Isn’t that kind of a weird way of life? You can’t even walk across the street without someone taking a picture.
Pattinson: Yeah. It’s just how you deal with it. Everyone has to figure out how they want to live. It’s a challenge.

Cronenberg: I can say that Rob was definitely able to walk across the street in Toronto (where “Cosmopolis” was shot) and no one noticed. And he could go to a bar and he could go to a restaurant. Really, part of it has to do with where you are and how much you’re publicizing yourself. If you’re Lindsay Lohan and you’re making sure that everybody knows where you are at all times, then you know what the consequences will be. But if somebody doesn’t want that, there are ways you can do that.

Source: AZ Central

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I’ve added new candids photos of Robert Pattinson out in New York City on August 16, 2012.

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Q. You both have said that you filmed this movie in chronological order, and I know that with many movies, the last scenes are shot first. Was that a luxury — to film from start to finish?

Cronenberg: One of the trickiest things that I had to learn as a director was exactly that. I mean, suddenly you’re forced to shoot the last scene of the movie first. And it’s hard for the actors because they don’t know who they are yet and they’re doing their death scene. As an actor myself, I was in Clive Barker’s movie “Nightbreed,” and the first thing we shoot was my character getting killed. And I said a typical actor thing. I said, “How can I know how to die when I haven’t lived yet?” So it is kind of a luxury. I think Rob can talk about that.

Pattinson: I agree. (Laughs) I don’t think I can add to that.

Q. You have both been very candid in interviews about the fact that you didn’t necessarily know how this novel would translate to film and what it meant to you. Do you have a different interpretation of the text now that you’re finished with the film?

Pattinson: Well, I like it. I don’t think that confusion is necessarily a bad thing. We’ve done hundreds of interviews now and I still find myself coming up with new things to say.

Cronenberg: Those statements that we made, which were very candid, can be misinterpreted as meaning we were inept, incompetent. But not at all. You know, I don’t do storyboards, for example. I don’t really know what I’m going to do at every set up and every shot. It’s all very spontaneous and of-the-moment, even what lens to use. That’s what we’re talking about. We don’t have it all mapped out. We’re trusting the script and trusting the dialogue that is all 100 percent Don DeLillo’s and taken from the novel directly. We know that if we respond directly to that . . . the movie will have its coherence. Read more…

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They say all good things must come to an end and so it is with our three year long The Twilight Saga: Official Convention Tour which has visited cities across The United States and Canada. Along the way we’ve met tens of thousands of fantastic fellow fans and it has been a particular joy celebrating the unprecedented success of the films and novels and working with so many talented and gracious stars. The passion and dedication of Twilight fandom has been amazing and we’re out to throw one last giant convention, a final gathering to see old friends that have made up the Twilight family.

Although Rob, Kristen and Taylor will not be with us this time out we will have a super line-up of other Twilight stars and the weekend will be filled with special events, movie prop and costume displays, contests, panels, auctions, parties, exclusive merchandise, music and much more, including some surprises!

The last chapter in the film series, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 opens in America on November 16th, just a few weeks after the convention. So with excitement and anticipation in the air we invite YOU to be part of the fun…. make your plans to be with 

Source: The Twilight Convention

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