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Sorry, ladies. In the daylight, Robert Pattinson’s skin does not sparkle like diamonds. He’s not even unusually pale. The closest he gets to his dreamy-vampire persona is when, during the course of conversation, he absently tousles his hair into something like his undead do. Perhaps the most surprising thing about Mr. Hunky Bloodsucker in person is how soft-spoken he is.

That is, until an unwanted visitor appears on the balcony.

“Jesus, I thought that crow was going to come in the room,” he says. “That would be a bad omen!”

The large black bird has settled menacingly on the railing, facing outward but occasionally glancing over its shoulder as if to say, “I see you.”

Menacing birds

“Weird,” Pattinson says, laughing. “I’ve been having bad experiences with birds. I just got a dog and I was trying to make him pee out on the balcony and there were these enormous seagulls who have absolutely no fear of people. I genuinely thought a seagull was going to grab my dog. Terrifying.”

Animals and animus are primary components in Pattinson’s new film, the Depression-era romance “Water for Elephants.” Pattinson plays Jacob, an erstwhile veterinary student who, after a personal tragedy, essentially runs away with the circus. There he meets performer Marlena (Reese Witherspoon), who is as enchanting as her husband, charming but imbalanced circus owner August (Christoph Waltz), is discomfiting. The web becomes more tangled when August’s big new acquisition – a bull elephant – steps into it. Read more…

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Here are some new video of Reese Witherspoon talks about dancing scenes and sex scenes with Robert in “Water For Elephants” movie.


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“I liked the idea of this film. But I also thought that it was a fairly good career step. It doesn’t alienate the audience of the image that I have. It’s not a ultra-violent or ultra-depressing movie. It’s a simple. old-fashioned story, which is not asking too much from the audience. I thought that was quite good because its my first big movie outside of the Twilight stuff. I’m doing a David Cronenberg movie next. Cosmopolis, with Juliette Binoche and Paul Giamatti, which is a pretty big step for me. After that I’m hoping to be producing something. I’m not entirely sure yet.”

What drew him to drama, the movies. “I guess it was a variety of things… the pretty girls?” he grins. “There was a theater company around the corner from my house ( in Barnes, London). I guess it was something that I always wanted to do, but I thought that it was also kind of pretentious. I didnt’ mind the kids that were acting in school, but I wanted to do it secretly outside of school. I just liked the environment. I worked backstage for about three years, and just watched everything.

Then I did a couple of plays, then I got an agent from one of those plays. Then my first audition was for ‘Troy’ – I was auditioning to play Brad Pitt’s cousin. I was like “What? I’m gonna play Brad Pitt’s cousin?” That was the first time that I’d ever done anything ,so that excitement held for something like six months, then I did ‘Vanity Fair’ with Reese.”

” After Vanity Fair, I went to South Africa (for Curse of the Ring) for three months, which for a 17-year-old was pretty great. You get an apartment, you get paid. Its fun, I thought. ‘Okay, I’m an actor now.’” Read more…

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I’ve updated a new video interview of Robert Pattinson with TG1.

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There was an embankment with a train track on the top. All the trailers were on one side, and then the circus world was on the other. Once you walked over the tracks, there would be a camera, but that was the only thing from the 21st Century.

You could stand on the tracks and look over at everything, and you were in the ‘30s. We were out in the middle of the desert in Fillmore, and there was nothing else around. There was an orchard. We were in the ‘30s. Jack Fisk, the production designer, used authentic pegs and the ropes. Every single thing which built the world was all totally real. And, authentic period underpants do actually help, as well. I actually wore them every single day. Jacqueline West, the costume designer, was unbelievable. Almost everything was real. Every pair of jeans were all from the ‘20s and ‘30s. It was crazy.

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Robert is no fool. Wherever you are, the English actor, 24 years old invests on the role of romantic hero. It’s like that with Jacob Jankowski, the protagonist of Francis Lawrence’s film, based on the book by the Canadian Sara Gruen. In this drama, which takes place at a circus in the times of the Great Depression Era (1929-1939), Robert works with two Oscar winners actors Reese Witherspoon (best actress, Walk The Line) and Christoph Waltz (supporting actor for Inglorious Basterds). In this interview, the actor talks about his first love, the hatred that he has for paparazzi and a certain discomfort caused by the hysteria of fans.

How was working with so many wild animals? Did your conception of the circus changed after Water for Elephants, with regard to the way animals are treated?
I know many circus have a bad reputation because of this, but none of the animals we work with were circus animals, they were all actors. I know it must be very difficult because of the amount of injuries that the animals suffer. To teach horses tricks that they needed to know, it took months and months. If one got hurt, there was no substitute. Manage a circus is a precarious thing.

Was there a moment when you were scared of animals?
Once, with the zebras. They are impossible to tame. If they are tied, the simply pull the rope until they’re free and if they can’t get away, they start kicking. One ran towards me. It was part of a scene, and I got out of the way. Then everyone thought I was a pussy for running.

Francis Lawrence, the film’s director, said it was difficult to find a 23-24 year old man who was not too young for the role. And he said that you was already man – thoughtful, intelligent, caring, strong and confident. What makes a man a man?
I don’t know. I think that if you feel comfortable with who you are, then you’re good. I don’t know whether anyone ever gets to be a man.

Do you feel like an adult?
More or less and no way. It’s weird when people do a movie. It seems that you’re trapped in time bubbles. I feel that way, especially with the fame thing. You stop meeting new people. I never know anyone. You have the same conversations all the time, so you never change the same way that most people grow up. You know, you hear the various perspectives that people have about things, but you go through the same kind of banal things every time you talks with them.

Like this…
In the end, this ends up affecting your mind. You actually don’t know how to have a conversation with anyone about anything. If the person is not talking about you, you’re like, “Huh?” (Laughs). Read more…

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An english survey says that 87% of english women, of every age would replace their husbands immediately with Robert Pattinson. And the suspect is that every woman in the world would do the same. Pattinson, 25 next may 12, a very tall man (1.85 cm) skinny, pale and apparently unhappy (as vampires should be), is the center of a mass idolatry similar only to the Leonardo di Caprio’s (Titanic). Another movie, Breaking Dawn, divided in two chapters (first will come out november 18th 2011, second one november 16th, 2012) after that date Twilight Saga and his Edward will be in retirement.

And he and Kristen Stewart will be free, if they want to, to live their love freely, a love that they never confirmed. Since the series begun, in 2008, semi-unknown Pattinson, chosen between 5000 candidates, rise to the 15th placement between most payed actors, for Breaking Dawn he asked and obtained 12.5 $ milion for every movie; when he changed genre he renounced to a lot of money: for his new job “Water for Elephants” he asked only 1.5 $ milion . “But I need to put my feet down and to wake myself”, he says very seriously. Based on Sara Gruenmost successful novel, set in the ’30s, the movie follows Jacob that became a veterinary in a circus by chance. And falls in love with Marlena (Reese Whiterspoon), even if she is married with the ringmaster and animal trainer August (Christoph Waltz).

What attracted you of this story?
RP: The script: I react to words and descriptions in a visceral way. If I can feel myself into the story immediately, this must be theright script to do.

In 2004′ Vanity Fair you had a little cameo as Reese Whiterspoon’s son. Now you become her lover: Hollywood’s miracles?
RP: Reese is not so happy that everybody’s talking about this thing,because she says that aged her. But, to think properly, she is identical to how she was at the time. It was my first job and she was so nice to come to visit me, to help me with my lines, because she noticed that I was terrified. Every time director said “action”, I became paralyzed. When I went with a friend to the premiere of the movie in London, we saw his scene, and mine was cut off. Nobody told me that. So bad! I was planning serioiusly to give up acting, before.. starting it”

This time, in love scenes, you did not feel paralyzed, did you?
Reese succeded to make feel me completely at ease. In the real life she is exactly how she seems on screen: very very sweet, friendly,with a positive aura

And Christoph Waltz as the villain?
Words are not enough for him. This movie is going to be appreciated by my mother, not only because is a romantic one, but because she will feel proud of me too: I work with two Oscar winners (Reese Witerspoon won for Walk the Line in 2006, Chisthoph Waltz in 2010 with Inglorious Basterds). On the set sometimes I repeated to myself the title of a book by one of my favourites writers , Bruce Chatwin”What Am I Doing Here”

When you were a child you were fascinated or scared by the circus?
I went to see a circus once, it was called Zipper Circus, I still remember it. I liked the clown and to this clown happened a lot of funny things. But in a certain moment of the show there was a car accident with mini cars. And my sister screamed to me “the clown is dead!”, and I’ve burst into tears. Some years ago she told me that wasa joke. Read more…

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Robert Pattinson is saying goodbye to eternal life! The 24-year-old actor is incredibly busy filming the final scenes for Breaking Dawn but it turns out he much prefers his new role as Jacob Jankowski in the upcoming Water For Elephants. But there’s one main reason he can’t stand being in Twilight — the makeup!

“It’s nice to be able to actually touch your face without thinking you’re going to get a huge smudge mark over it,” Rob tells Good Morning Arizona of his Twilight role as Edward Cullen. “Not having a big kabuki mask on and the contacts … [Water For Elephants] is a totally different experience.”

But this isn’t the first time Rob has complained about his golden black Twi-eyes — “I actually want to get some kind of plastic explosive … I want to reanimate them into something so I can kill them,” he tells Entertainment Weekly.

Rob doesn’t just stop there — he tells Australia’s Mornings With Kerri Anne that a big franchise series like Twilight can’t really be considered “film.”

“When movies become these franchises and big machines people can’t really see them as movies anymore it’s so difficult for people to understand it,” Rob says. “It seems to happen to every big franchise now, and people tend to think of the cultural relevance of it than the actually movie. So it’s nice to do this [Water For Elephants]. Things that are made purely to be a movie. They are not going to be in any fast food restaurants.”

It sounds like these past four years as a vampire have been less than thrilling for Rob — are you surprised?

Check out Water For Elephants when it hits theaters April 22!

Source: Hollywood Life

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Catherine Hardwicke talks about casting Robert for Twilight success video interview.

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Here’s the video interview of Robert’s co star from “Water For Elephants”, Christoph Walts talks about working with Robert & Reese.


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