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Mark Povinelli (Kinko) talks about working with Robert saying that –  “He totally delivers”.

How was it working with Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon as costars?
I didn’t know a lot of Rob’s stuff, but I was aware of him. I’d seen the Harry Potter movies but I hadn’t seen any of Twilight films. He was a name to me, and not really somebody I could closely identify with. When I went in to work with him, I was like ‘who is this guy?’ When I started to understand the Rob fascination, it turns out that Rob is a really down to earth, sweet, kind of silly, very bright young man. That was the thing that surprised me the most. I thought of him as a Tiger Beat, Teen Beat matinee idol, when actually in this film he’s a leading man. He’s a rugged leading man with still a sweet boyish face that can really carry a film. He carries two hours of this epic story on his back and I think he carries it off beautifully. One of the charming things about Rob is that when we’re not filming, often times he’s off reading a book and he’s very well read. He understood so much about the depression era in America, so much about circuses. He would reference old movies and old pictures he’d seen and done research on. He’s not just ‘what movie am I doing next?’, he really dives into a role and I think he’s an actor. He does his work and research and he comes prepared.

People are saying this is Rob’s real breakout role. It would be great to see ‘Academy-award winning actor’ before his name as well.
I think at some point it’s going to be there, whether it’s for this or not, he’s got the chops to be able to be that guy at some point. It’s a matter of when, not if. The thing about this film, is that Rob is this film, in the sense that it is completely told from his characters prospective. He’s in every shot of every scene and knowing that, we knew that he was going to make or break this film. I really do, honestly, think he makes it. He looks fantastic, to no ones surprised, but he carries himself and is so committed to the character. He’s on screen with Reese and Christoph and he absolutely holds his own and totally delivers. Everyone has this big question of can he do this, and he’s got this big target on his forehead. He can, and he did.

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Watch the 2 parts entire video interviews of Robert Pattinson on “The Jimmy Kimmel Show’ on April 21, 2011. Screen captures will be uploaded shortly once a better quality video has surfaced.

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Listen to the new interview of Robert Pattinson on ‘The Kyle and Jackie-O show’ radio show.

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Watch the video interview of Robert Pattinson one on one with Fandango on “Water For Elephants” movie press junket.


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I’ve updated an interview of Robert Pattinson with Fox All Access for “Water For Elephants” movie.



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I’ve updated an entire interview video of Robert Pattinson on“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on April 20, 2011. This is an unedited interview segements posted on Ellen’s official youtube page.


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Robert Pattinson stopped by to chat with Ellen DeGeneres and the full interview airs tomorrow, but here’s a sneak peek! Years ago when Robert stopped by Ellen, she gave him a pair of underwear, which apparently may be making a cameo in Breaking Dawn. Rob is out promoting Water For Elephants before its release on Friday, and he’s back in LA after a trip to NYC for the world premiere. Robert Pattinson was spotted kissing Kristen Stewart leaving the afterparty for the screening, and since then he’s been making the interview rounds supporting his new movie. Check out a preview of his cute chat with Ellen!

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Emmanuel Itier: How was it with working all these wild animals, and has your conception of circuses changed while doing this movie in the sense of how they treat animals?
Robert Pattinson: I don’t really know how circuses themselves treat animals. I know a lot of circuses get a bad name for it, but none of the animals we had were from circuses; they were all film animals and stuff. I know how hard it must be. It must be just ridiculous because it’s relentless…because of the amount of injuries the animals get and stuff. For instance, with the horses — to teach those horses the tricks that they needed to know, it took months and months and months and months. If one of them goes down, there’s no back-up or anything. It’s going to take another six months to train a horse. It’s so precarious, running a circus so much. But working with wild animals, for me, was one of the things which I thought made the job easier. Even before we started, I was thinking it’s like doing a job where you’re just working with babies all the time, because the babies are going to do their own thing and you just react to the baby. I mean, if you’ve got an elephant in the scene and the elephant is kind of doing whatever it wants, it’s so easy to play anything because you suddenly have a trunk in your face or something, and then you’ve got to just make something up. No one expects the scene to be totally perfect because everyone has accepted that these are wild animals, and whatever comes will come. It’s not all like, “The animal’s got to hit its mark!” It’s never going to be like that. It made it very a relaxing set, in a weird sort of way.

EI: Were there any scary moments at all with the animals?
RP: There was one with the zebras. They’re a lot smarter than horses, and you cannot control them. They’re impossible to tame. If you tie them down, they just drag the rope out, and if they didn’t drag the rope out, they just keep kicking anything around. One of them pulled away and ran toward me. It was part of the scene and I got out of the way. I found out afterwards that everyone thought I was a pussy for getting out of the way. Apparently Christoph [Waltz] had gotten in front of Reese [Witherspoon] and other actresses in apparently protecting them. I was just like, “Really? Christoph was going to risk his life for the scene? Why didn’t he just get out of the way?” I watched back the playback and Reese just grabbed Christoph and used him as a shield from the zebra. It’s very funny, and he’s going around claiming like, “Yeah, I just ran in front of them. [Laughs] The zebra was not going to get past me.”

EI: That brings me to what the director says about you. It’s hard to find a man of 23-24 and who is too young for the part. So he says, “Rob was already a man – thoughtful, intelligent, empathetic, strong, and confident.” What can you identify with, and what makes a man a man?
RP: I always just think if you’re comfortable in who you are, then that’s it. I don’t know if people ever really are but if you can be a man, I guess that’s what I see being a man or whatever to be.

EI: Do you feel grown up?
RP: Sort of, and not at all. It’s weird. If you’re doing films, I do feel like you get stuck in little time bubbles, especially with the fame thing as well, where you’re not meeting new people. I never meet anyone. Also, you have to have the same conversation all the time. Everyone who to talks to you — you just have the same conversation pretty much. So you never develop how most people mature. You see/hear people’s different perspectives on things, but you’ve got to go through the same trivial bullshit every time you’re talking to them. Eventually it does affect your mind. You don’t actually know how to have a conversation with people about anything else. If someone’s not talking about you, you’ll like, “Uh!” [Laughs]

EI: Where do you go when you want to have a piece of that normal life?
RP: One thing I found: if you are going to do a film, for instance — not just as an actor, and you’re forcing yourself, like you have to go to meetings and people have to treat you as an actual engineer in the process… That’s why I want to do that and just be… If you’re producing or something, but in a genuine level, not as a vanity credit or anything, where people actually have to come to you with their problems, then you kind of bring it back again. But if you’re just an actor, it’s so funny because people feel like they just have to hide everything from you all the time. It’s like, “Oh, don’t let them get upset about anything,” which is so bizarre. You’re like a little bird. You’ve got like security around you all the time.

EI: When Jacob sees Marlena, he falls in love with her immediately. Do you believe in love at first sight?
RP: Yeah, completely.

EI: Did that ever happen to you?
RP: A lot … I would have thought the majority of people who think they’re in love with someone, I think it’s the first time they see them. I mean the first time they really see them anyway, I think.

EI: How do you know that you are in love? What kind of a feeling is that for you?
RP: I don’t know. It’s impossible to answer.

EI: When you were young, did you go to see the circus? Were you fascinated with the life of the circus, or not?
RP: I wasn’t really; my sister was. She always was one of these kids who wanted to run away with the circus. When I was a kid, I went once in my life. The little car which the clowns were on, the door blew off and I think it broke one of the clown’s legs or something. My sister turned around to me said, “That clown just died.” She’s a little bit older than me, and I was like, “Huh?” I was looking down at the clown the on the floor, and they had to carry him off the stage. I thought, up until I was about 21 — that was my only experience of a circus — that the clown died. Then my mum heard me telling someone, and she was like, “The clown didn’t die. What are you talking about? He just fell off the car.”

EI: If you had the opportunity, like your character, to tell you the story of your life in four years, what would it be? What would you like to be able to tell of your story, and what will be your hope in your story?
RP: I hope to remember some of them. It’s funny, just being tired all the time. I’m so terrified that I’m not going to remember anything in my life. I’ve been doing a job for six months, I can’t remember a single day of the shoot.

EI: Okay, so what would it be for you to have a beautiful life and a circus-full life?
RP: Just making things I’m proud of. I mean, nothing much. I got a dog the other day — I’m pretty happy about that. I really don’t require very much. Read more…

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Christoph Waltz may be best known for his Oscar-winning turn in Inglorious Basterds, but he’s taking on another famous villain with his portrayal of August in Water For Elephants, which hits theaters Friday. We caught up with the Austrian-born actor at the film’s recent press day.

He talks about uncovering the dark side in his characters, how Robert Pattinson handles his fame, and Reese Witherspoon’s impressive stunt work on set.

Christoph also clears up what’s real and what’s rumor when it comes to his upcoming roles, and whether bringing a literary figure to life on the big screen is a special kind of challenge. Check out our interview with him above, and stay tuned next week for our latest installment of I’m a Huge Fan, as our latest winner gets the chance to meet Reese in person!

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Here are some new video interviews with “Water For Elephants” director where he talks about directing Robert’s in a new music video and support from twitter fans.


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