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Robert Pattinson has hailed Geordie Shore as “one of the greatest TV shows” he’s ever seen. 

The actor revealed his love for the reality show during a chat with MTV

“I love English reality TV. I like Geordie Shore. It’s like the Jersey Shore of England,” he said.

“It’s amazing, one of the greatest TV shows I have ever seen in my entire life.

“And it’s not really laughing at people because I don’t really like that kind of reality TV, the people in it, you genuinely really like them, it’s crazy.”

Pattinson previously revealed he loves watching The X Factor, and called for the return of judges Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole.

Geordie Shore returns to MTV on July 22 at 10pm.

Source: Digital Spy



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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are so last year! Now it’s Pattinson and Katy Perry! The two have been making headlines ever since it was reported that they are an “ITEM”.   Things seem to be getting serious between the two, though Perry still has a lot of apprehensions about Pattinson and his off-and-on relationship with his ex love interest Stewart.

“She’s mad about Rob but is so terrified of getting serious and hurt again,” a source told Web Pro News. “I think that’s why she’s trying not to get too involved romantically. She’ll also be super cautious of becoming one half of a celebrity couple yet again.”

Pattinson and Perry have been friends for a long time now. Though the two were seeing other people previously, they continued to maintain a strong friendship with each other. Perry has previously been in relationships with Russell Brand and John Mayer.

The two have been spotted together frequently and most recently at the premiere party of Rob’s upcoming film, “The Rover.”

Other media sources reported that the 28-year-old now wants to take things to the next well with Perry.

“Rob’s behavior makes it clear to anyone who sees him with Katy that he’s interested in taking their friendship further, a source told Gossip Cop.

Many people are also concerned that the singer may get herself pregnant since she’s been hooking up with many guys. Before Pattinson, Perry was linked to flings with Diplo and Rob Ackroyd. OK magazine reported that the “Dark Horse” singer is “looking for validation” since her breakup with John Mayer.

“Several people in her crew are worried she might slip up and get pregnant,” a source told the magazine. “She certainly has plenty of potential baby daddies in the mix. Friends fear her trysts may have bigger, more permanent implications.”

Source: HNGN

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For awhile, it seemed as if the eerily handsome British actor would have an impossible time getting past the iconic Twilight role that first brought him global fame and fortune. The series was too popular. His looks were too vampiric. And no one who plays the same part more than, say, three times ever really shakes it. (See: Connery, Sean.)

But in the years since the final Twilight installment came and went from theaters, Pattinson has begun to accomplish the impossible. Again and again he has chosen to work with brilliant auteurs—Werner Herzog, David Cronenberg, James Gray, Olivier Assayas—and again and again he has stunned audiences with his smart, sensitive, and very un-Cullen-like performances.

Pattinson’s latest movie, a spare, dystopian Western called The Rover, is his finest work yet. Under the direction of David Michod (the excellent Animal Kingdom), Pattinson stars as Rey, a gut-shot simpleton from the American South who encounters Eric (Guy Pearce) in the sweltering, lawless Australian outback ten years after a global economic collapse. In the wake of a botched heist, Rey’s gang—which includes Rey’s brother—has left him behind to die. The gang has also stolen Eric’s car. And so Rey and Eric team up to track them down. Pattinson is absolutely magnetic in the role, transforming what could have a been an embarrassing caricature of a man-child into empathetic portrait of a wounded human being struggling to think for himself for the first time—and ultimately succeeding. Not many actors can make cogitation look so compelling. Pattinson, somehow, is one of them.

To discuss his work in The Rover—and his career more generally—Pattinson recently sat down with The Daily Beast in Los Angeles. He was as striking in person as he is on screen—thin, white v-neck t-shirt, two-day scruff, artful bedhead. His demeanor is more boyish, and less confident, than one might expect of a movie star; he rarely made eye contact as he spoke and he laughed, half-nervously, whenever he said something revealing.

“I forget how to act in between every single movie,” Pattinson confessed.

He went on to talk about why Twilight has become a burden; why he could never do what Jennifer Lawrence does; and why he loves to work with auteurs such as Harmony Korine, with whom he’s planning to collaborate next. Pattinson also shot down the rumors that he will be taking over for Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones or Han Solo in the near future—although he didn’t shut the door on all future franchises.

“You’re sort of floating. You don’t know how it happens, but it’s amazing. And it’s nothing to do with the audience or anyone else. You’re still probably shit. But it’s so addictive, and it’s so rare as well.”
You’ve said that you “really, really fought” for the role of Rey. Why?

Weirdly, I got sent the script and misread the email. I thought it was an offer. I was like, “Wow. I know exactly how to do this—and I never get offered stuff like this, ever!” So I call up my agent and I’m like, “I want to do it! I want to do it right now!” I had wanted to work with David Michod for years before this. But then they were like, “No, it’s just an audition. What are you talking about?” [Laughs] I suddenly had this pang of terror. I’ve basically messed up every audition I’ve ever gone for.

So what did you do?
I just realized I have to get it, so I just put in an enormous amount of time—way more work than I’ve ever done for an audition before.

What do you mean by “way more work”? What kind of labor are we talking about here?
I mean, I would just run it literally 10 hours a day for, like, two weeks.

Completely obsessively, to the point where I was dreaming about it and stuff. I don’t know particularly what I was doing—just constantly thinking about it. Read more…

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Hollywood heartthrob Robert Pattinson, rumoured to be back with his ex-Kristen Stewart, is keeping things out of the public eye this time.

Pattinson feels that he needs to protect his privacy, but Stewart does not feel the same. She wants to be normal with him, the way they used to be.

“She wants to go to concerts and other places with him, like they used to. Rob on the other hand, is being a lot more cautious and isn’t ready to have everyone know his business when it comes to who he’s dating,” sources close to the couple stated.

Pattinson appears unwilling to go public about the reconciliation.

“Rob doesn’t want to hide his relationship with Kristen but doesn’t see an alternative right now. Concealing their relationship is Rob’s way of protecting their relationship,” a source stated.

Stewart apparently is willing to compromise on this aspect due to the respect she has for Pattinson.

“He has been very adamant with Kristen to keep everything hush-hush between them, and even though Kristen wants to go public, out of respect for Rob, she will continue to keep their love for each other to themselves – at least for the time being,” the source added.

The couple have been spotted together at several places of late.

Reports also suggest that the couple checked into a hotel in Palm Springs, California, for a few nights in order to spend some quality time together.

”They snuck away to one of their favourite hide-outs for a couple of nights. Both left their houses in LA under cover of darkness and Rob brought their two dogs as well. They’re not back together yet but they desperately miss each other,” a source told The Sun.

”Kristen still loves him and the ball is in his court. She drives him crazy but at the same time he can’t seem to break things off.”

Pattinson and Kristen Stewart split a second time after she got back in touch with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders. All hell reportedly broke loose between the perfect pair last year when Stewart confessed to having an affair with Sanders behind Pattinson’s back. She later apologised.

Source: IB Times

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Has Robert Pattinson found a new leading lady?

Four months after splitting up with on-again, off-again girlfriend Kristen Stewart, the actor, 27, has been linked to model Dylan Penn.

“They’ve been dating a month or two,” a Pattinson source confirms to PEOPLE. “He’s crazy about her.”

The blonde beauty, 22, has quite the Hollywood pedigree: She’s the daughter of Sean Penn and Robin Wright.

According to media reports, Pattinson and Penn were spotted on Sept. 7 catching a show by rapper Mickey Avalon at the famed Viper Room in Los Angeles.

They then reportedly hightailed it to the Chateau Marmont for post-show drinks and bites.

Speculation has been swirling about whom Pattinson would date next following his split with Stewart. He was also recently seen with trainer Sydney Liebes outside Harley Pasternak’s gym, where she works. But a second source shoots down any insinuation that the two are an item, telling PEOPLE that “Pattinson has trained with Liebes a few times in Harley’s absence and that’s it.”

In May, Pattinson and Stewart, 23, called it quits after more than three years of dating, their relationship having weathered intense strain and scrutiny following her fling with her marriedSnow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders.

The two had attempted to patch things up following her cheating scandal, attending Coachella and celebrating her 23rd birthday together before ultimately calling things off. On May 21, Pattinson was seen moving his belongings out of Stewart’s Los Angeles home.

Source: People

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Robert Pattinson describes the type of woman he finds attractive and how it relates to his feelings about fashion in a new interview, and his answers may shock you. It’s totally contrary to the prattle from gossip sites that make up most of their news.

With the release of his new Dior Homme fragrance campaign this month, Rob is going through a bit of a transition in his career.

He’s much more secure about who he is. And, with the “Twilight” hoopla finally fading, he’s starting to come up for some air and expand his interests. The end of his relationship with Kristen Stewart also factors into the equation, but not like most of the fake gossip sites have been reporting.

“Yeah, it’s a whole bunch of stuff happening at the same time, and I am just not worrying about things so much,” he says in a new interview with the Arabian edition of Harper’s Bazaar. “I guess it just happens,” he adds.

The breakup has also helped him focus inwardly on himself, and discover new interests. “I also bought a house and I was literally doing that up and fixing pipes,” he says.

Rob also lets it be known he hasn’t given up on love; it just has to be with the right person. And who would that be? Read more…

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According to Screen Daily, Robert Pattinson is set to star as Magnum photographer Dennis Stock and also Dane DeHaan will play James Dean in Anton Corbjin’s Life.

Luke Davies wrote the screenplay to Life, which chronicles the friendship that ensued when the straight-laced Stock embarked on a road trip with Dean in 1955 for a Life magazine commission. Filming is scheduled to commence production in February 2014 on location in Canada.

“Casting Robert Pattinson and Dane DeHaan brings together two of the most exciting young actors of their generation.”

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I’ve added new high quality scans of Robert Pattinson featured in the spread of ELLE, France magazine. Thanks to @fofie_b for the translation of the article.

Translated Article

Robert Pattinson, The Phoenix

Is there a life after Twilight? That’s the question the actor is trying to answer to, filming in art-house cinema and working with Dior.

“The most important thing is to be cool”. After 5 years spent in the eye of the Hollywood cyclone, Robert Pattinson finally got it. It did not appear to him like this while walking his dog in Los Angeles. We always sensed a sort of uneasiness when talking to him. And even Robert himslef had some trouble hiding (maybe he’s not really trying) that he wasn’t really fit for the movies he was idolized for. “Playing in movies that you would never go see, it complicates things, it’s hard to talk about it, hard to promote it, hard to connect with the public. Until I met David Cronenberg who hired me for Cosmopolis, I always felt like I just fell into roles, that I didn’t really get to choose. I was trying not to sink. For the first time, I felt like I had been chosen for my talent. David gave me confidence. It changed how I see myself as an actor.”

Not the best moment to become the face of an important perfume brand, lend his face (for a lot of money) to Dior Homme and see his image on every billboards around the world? Well, not really. Of course, Dior is not the first to solicit Rob Patz. Before, others certainly thought about making money off of the huge popularity of the Twilight actor. But it seems like the honorable French house found the right words to convince him. Well, more like the right word : freedom. Pattinson used it to realize his dream : shooting with Romain Gravas, a French underground and talented director who alternated between the super cool (the music video “Bad Girls” with M.I.A) and the super controversial (the music video “Stress” with Justice). “It’s been a while since I have been trying to contact him and he wasn’t answering my calls. When Dior approached me, I told myself “I’m sure he would like to work with me if I was offering a Dior commercial””. Bingo! Gavras accepted the challenge and restored the actor’s image looking for an artistic legitimacy while helping Dior building a successful campaign.


The movie he directed is indeed a champagne bobble, a concentrate of coolness with sixties influence in which Rob and model Camille Rowe are being playful, smoke cigarettes, drive carelessly an old BMW convertible on the beach… A very New Wave atmosphere, seductive and fresh. Like a groupie, the actor expresses his admiration for Gravas the anarchist : “He sees the world in a complete different way. he’s very confident. I am more neurotic, it’s irritating but at the same time, my insecurity is the only thing I find interesting about myself”.
Read more…

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I’ve added new pictures of Robert Pattinson took his time off to visit kids at Children’s Hospital on August 16, 2013. He is such a sweet person! – On Friday, Aug. 16, Robert Pattinson, actor and star of mega-hit movies “The Twilight Saga” and “Water for Elephants” dropped by Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to spread cheer and visit with patients.

Teens from across the hospital—including the Acute Rehabilitation Center, the Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Diseases and The Heart Institute—gathered in the hospital’s Teen Lounge for a surprise guest. When Pattinson arrived, one young girl giggled and cried in awe. But the down-to-earth actor quickly settled the room and jumped into arts and crafts, decorating picture frames alongside patients. Pattinson laughed at his own creation—a pink frame with hearts sketched in—and tried unsuccessfully to convince the room of his “terrible” artistic skills.

The star graciously posed for endless photographs and signed every patient’s picture frame before heading off to visit two cystic fibrosis patients and huge Twilight fans who were unable to leave their rooms.

“We couldn’t help laughing and smiling when one of the patients was so starstruck she that couldn’t speak. You could tell it meant the world to her—she was tearing up and smiling ear to ear as we were leaving,” said Lyndsay Hutchison, senior public information officer at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. “The other little girl teased him relentlessly and begged him to do an American accent. They were instant friends.”

“Robert was so nervous about meeting the kids—he didn’t want to let them down—which is a testament to how humble he is. He was incredibly gracious and kind. He will probably never fully understand what a huge lift he gave to these kids today, and how it will positively impact them over the long term,” shared Child Life specialist, Ana Vega.

Pattinson was able to visit the hospital because an upcoming movie, “Maps to the Stars,” which Pattinson is currently filming in Los Angeles will feature a short scene (not featuring Pattinson) in front of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Keep an eye out for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles when the film hits theaters!

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I’ve added new promotional shoots of Robert Pattinson posed for ‘Dior’. Also, a translated interview from Interview magazine, Germany has been posted after the thumb previews. It’s worth the read! Thanks to @KStewandRPatz for the translation!

Rob: I hope it doesn’t bother you that I smoke?

Interviewer: What do you smoke?
My e-cigs. I’ve been trying to quit for quite some time now but this one here is pretty unique: each cigarette can be smoked for as long as it would take you to finish to packs of cigs. And, um, if it stops glowing, you just throw it away. Just like with real cigarettes. I like that. Do you want one?


I like everything that smokes.
These are extremely strong. I constantly drive to 7-Eleven and get new ones. You can even smoke these things on the airplane. Oh God, I sound like a salesman for e-cigs.

When you should be doing some promo for Dior. How does it feel to be the new face of Dior Homme?
Actually, I never wanted to do advertisements.

…and then one morning you ran out of perfume?
I don’t use perfume!

Are you allowed to say that?
When I was 13 or 14 I always used perfume, but today, not anymore. At the time I probably thought it would give me some kind of adult touch. So it was important, until the first stubble appeared.

The director Romain Gavras just said you would have crashed the BMW while shooting.
what? We agreed he wouldn’t say anything! And I didn’t even total the car..

What happened?
I was supposed to drive along a six meter long (ca. 19,5 feet) stripe of sand 100km/h (ca. 60 mp/h) while at the same time, the waves came in, and I just slipped. After that the car, the models, and I drowned in mud full of algae.

Did you confess that to your dad?
Because of the models? No, why?

I thought you father dealt with oldtimers.
Oh, shit, that’s right. I had hoped the BMW wouldn’t be considered old. By the way, after the first Twilight movie, I drove the same model in black. The car didn’t cost more than 1000 bucks – it didn’t make it very long but it’s considered a classic today. Thank God, dad is retired by now.

The scene where it looks like you and the model would smoke pot, that wasn’t the one you were shooting just before that one, was it?
No, I didn’t. (laughs)

Did Roman Gavras had to do a lot of editing until the pictures fit with the public image of Dior?
Well, the joint wasn’t real.

The girl was, however.
Maybe there will be a director’s cut one day, one in which the audience is allowed to see her breasts. Oh, no, I take that back – what a horrible comment to make.

After all, the audience loves to see you a lot more than the naked girl.
Pff. Read more…

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