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Written by on 10.27 in General News

Robert Pattinson is featured on Fearnet’s Top 10 ‘Twilight Saga’ Horror Stars.

BONUS: Robert Pattinson in The Haunted Airman
We couldn’t leave off without mentioning RPattz’s one and only foray into the realm of spooks and spiders and creepy crawlies, could we? In this 2006 BBC film, Pattinson plays a wheelchair-bound WWII pilot who descends into madness while recuperating after the war. Released for the first time in the U.S. this month, The Haunted Airman is a must-see for you hardcore Pattinson fans, and one of the most demanding and sophisticated performances we think he’s given.

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Written by on 10.26 in 'New Moon', General News

Chad Hudson, a Event planner has talk about details for ‘New Moon’ Premiere.

Q-What exciting premieres do you have coming up?
A-“Tommy, you know the biggest event we are working on right now is the ‘New Moon’ premiere and after party for Summit Entertainment. It’s the second film to launch from the Twilight series of books and one of the most anticipated movies of the year. ‘New Moon” buzz is much bigger than ‘Twilight’ was, which we worked on that premiere last year as well. ‘New Moon’ is so big the studio has expanded the premiere to include three theaters and a party for 1800 guests. We are also working on the Trevor Project annual gala fundraiser and several private events around the holidays.”

Q-For our readers, please explain what exactly does your company do?
A-“CHE is a full-service event design, production and management company. We do everything for our clients from locating a venue, designing the party décor, choosing rentals, selecting the menu, handling RSVPs, staffing, etc… We also have a publicity and promotions arm where we can help launch companies or manage press for our clients. We can produce events as small as 20 or as large as 20,000. Our Web site give a bigger overview of what all we do.” Read more…

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Lainey Gossip has revealed some spoilers from ‘Eclipse’ final scenes.

“My sources tell me exclusively that the final Eclipse scene to be filmed will involve some romance. “Bella” tries to work “Edward” Pattinson’s Marble Pole. Also there’s some corny banter about how he would have pursued her old school styles.”

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Written by on 10.25 in 'Eclipse', General News

RobPattzNews has confirmed ‘Eclipse’ wrap party for cast and crew was held at Vancouver Aquarium last night! Hopefully there will be pictures coming in!

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Written by on 10.23 in 'New Moon', General News

Here are some ‘New Moon’ clip plot updates from Rome Film Festival.

Clip1: behind the scenes of the Volturi cove, more Robward @ the ground, the fight & Aro talking..Scary!
Clip2: Edward leaving Bella in the woods. Very very long dialog, “I won’t come back” & more. It’s gonna be SO good!
Clip3: motorbike scene from ComicCon we already saw..
Clip4: Montepulciano, Porsche, fountain, naked Robward we already saw in the trailer. Still very hot!
Clip5: best one. Behind the scenes in Itay, R&K talkin bout the experience: R says he’s happy we clapped him!

Source: Team KBitch

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Written by on 10.22 in General News

We had some questions hit our mailbox yesterday and today regarding a rumored Robert Pattinson appearance on “MTV Ulalume: Howling at New Moon” on October 30.

Given the constant promotional scheduling speculation surrounding Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and other “New Moon” stars as the movie’s premiere gets closer, Gossip Cop wanted to confirm with our sources that the MTV booking was for real.

It is.

So clear your schedule on October 30 or fire up your TiVo for a pre-November Edward Cullen fix.

Source: Gossip Cop

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From Rome

- They showed 3 unseens. Edward leaving Bella, from when he was waiting for her at home, untile he leaves, then a featurette of Bella running toward Edward and hugging him in Montepulciano, in the Volterra scene and another featurette showing the Volturi hall, without the CGI decorations

Edward leaves Bella:

Edward is waiting for Bella at her house, because they need to talk. He tells her he needs to leave Forks because Carlisle is raising suspicions in town. At first Bella is convinced that Edward wants to take her with him, but then starts realizing that’s not the case. She asks Edward: “What do you mean by “us”?”. He responds: “Only my family.” Bella gets upset. Tells Edward again that the incident with Jasper was nothing, and Edward answers that is exactly the problem: “Nothing compared to what could have happened.” Read more…

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Written by on 10.21 in 'New Moon', General News

Heads up guys, watch the first New Moon TV spot debuting online exclusively at 8 pm PST on!

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‘New Moon’ Wolfpack Star, Bronson Pelletier has nicely mentioned both Robert & Kristen during an interview.

“Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart can’t even go out without being harassed by paparazzi or fans.”

“They’re very down to earth. They’re very good actors too. They’re really cool, and they’re very chill. I mean, at certain times you can joke around and stuff. Really good to work with.”

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Alex Meraz has mentioned Robert Pattinson during his interview with Vanity Fair Magazine. Here’s is what he has to say about Robert.

Rob Pattinson [“Edward Cullen’].

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