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Robert Pattinson is scheduled to be on UK & Australia radio station. Thanks to Spunk Ransom, Let Me Sign & Vampire Freak 101 for the headsup!

Robert will be on BBC Radio 1 in the UK on Thursday.

On 2dayFM Kyle and Jackie O, will be on Friday.

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Someone from ONTD were at the filming of Kimmel’s show.

Here’s what she had to say:

  • They had a Q&A for the second portion of the show and just some of the questions people asked were really stupid. Actually, most of them were pretty stupid.
  • The interview was entertaining. Jimmy interviewed them first and there was a Q&A after which had it’s WTF moments, but was still fun for the most part.

Questions that were asked:

  • is Rob’s misbuttoning on purpose or a fashion statement (their faces for this were priceless),
  • what was Kristen’s favorite book,
  • someone asked for Taylor’s shirt,
  • someone asked Kristen if she had gotten a flu shot which freaked her out because apparently she got one the day before…
  • Someone asked when was the last time Rob cried and why, which seemed like a stupid question but his answer made it totally worth it.
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Vampire Diaries Star, Kayla Ewell talks about rob’s open-mic nights

A bit like Robert Pattinson’s character in Twilight?
Yeah. He’s definitely über-sexy and he doesn’t try to be. I remember the first time I met him — I was like, “Oh, hello!” And then he starts talking and that makes it 1,000 times hotter. I’m a sucker for accents and any man who can actually sing and serenade you. He’d do open-mic nights in random bars in Portland, Ore., while they were filming Twilight. I was dating Kellan then and we’d all hang out sometimes.

Source: OK Magazine

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Here’s some little details from ‘The Jimmy Kimmel Show’.

Someone I know got to interview Rob last night at the Jimmy show, and she commented that he was really giddy and excited and when she asked him why he said “because I get to be in London in 4 sleeps”
Awwwwwwwww. He sounds like a little kid waiting for Santa!

He also said that working non stop over the past 6 months has made him very homesick and even though he wont really get much time with his family on the promo tour, just being in London and having the London smell will make him feel 100 times better than hes felt all year!!

Poor baby!

via without drowning

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Below are the couple of sentence mentioning Rob during Twilight co-stars, Nikki Reed & Edi Gathegi with J-14 Magazine.

J-14: When fans tell you they want to marry Rob, do you pass along the proposals?
Nikki: Rob’s got a list of a million 12-year-olds waiting to marry him! If all else fails, he has a lot of options!

J-14: Did you guys expect that the fans would be this crazy?
Nikki: No! And it’s not just Rob — that’s the amazing thing. All the boys in this movie — the fans just go crazy for all of them. Sometimes Kristen and I just want to be like, “we’re so sorry we’re not the boys!”

J-14: If you had to come up with one word to describe each of the vampire guys in your movie fam, what would it be for…
J-14: Rob?
Nikki:: Hmm, yeah, Rob’s complicated!

J-14: Is there a story behind that?
Nikki: One that I shall not speak of!

J-14 exclusive interview with Edi Gathegi about what school superlative he’d give his castmates:

J-14: Let’s start with Rob Pattinson…
Edi Gathegi: Most likely to succeed. Already has success.

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Robert will be on French TV on November 10, 2009. He will be a guest on TF1 Channel with Laurence Ferrari. It’s not an entertainement show, it’s the evening news. It airs at 8pm (GMT+1) and it’s live. Check your local listings.

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Below is a new interview of Twilight Star, Julia Jones talks about working with Robert Pattinson.

LimeLife: Okay Julia Jones, if we could ask you anything about one of your co-stars, it would be this: Does Robert Pattinson speak with an American or a British accent between takes?
Julia Jones: (laughs) Yes, Rob is British, he has a British accent, and he speaks like that when he’s not acting! His [American] accent is so good, actually. Sometimes hearing him speak in his normal British accent, I get a little thrown off, because his American accent is just perfect.

LimeLife: Can you tell us whether he is actually a pleasure to work with?
Julia Jones: Oh, he’s an absolute pleasure to work with. He’s great. He’s thoughtful and he’s generous and he’s laid-back. He’s got all the qualities that you’d look for in somebody you’d be working with.

Source: Limelife/Robert Pattinson Life LJ

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Twilight Star Jamie Campbell Bower talks to MTV about Robert Pattinson.

Q: What is Rob Pattinson like behind the scenes?
Campbell Bower: Well, he’s into his music. He loves all kinds of music. I don’t know if there’s a tidbit I could give, a snippet of his life that I could give. He’s just a normal guy. I feel for him already, because people just want to know everything about him and feel like they own [people who are that famous]. It’s tough, man. It’s tough for them.

MTV: But Rob’s experience could be a preview of what’s to come for you after “New Moon.” Does that kind of fame concern you?
Campbell Bower: I don’t know. Probably not, just because of the character. I think people won’t be as in love with the character Caius as they would be in love with Edward. [Laughs.]

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Twiligjht Saga: New Moon Noot Seear has recently interviewed by Vanity Fair Italy. She has mentioned Robert Pattinson.

They say the fanatism raised about the movie got you upset.
I couldn’t believe that: all those little girls sent into a frenzy for Pattinson. I’m curious to see if after the movie will be released, people will change their attitude towards me, too. I’ve got a small but exciting role.

Did you know Pattinson before you met on the set?
No, I only knew one of the vampires, Christopher (Heyerdahl, a canadian actor who plays Marcus).
I was very nervous at first, but on set they were all so kind and also a lot younger than me… They showed me all and explained everything.

Rumors of a flirt between you and Pattinson have already spread. (I say, really? this is the first time I hear this.)

Too young?
Not only. He’s delicious, but he’s not my kind and I haven’t had time to know him off the set yet. We’ve done some scenes together, I’m always among the Volturi vampires, the Italian family I’m bound to.

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As you all know, on November 12th the Fan Event with the actors from The Twilight Saga: New Moon will take place in the Vistalegre Palace. Thanks to Florparapluie for the translation!

Event’s description:
The event will start at 19:15. Apart from the anticipated presence of Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), Bella Swan (Kristen Stwart), Jacob Black
(Taylor Lautner) and the director of the movie, Chris Weitz, we’ll be able to enjoy the performance of the music group No Way Out (who are part of the movie soundtrack with their song “Sed”), previews of the movie, thematic performances about the Saga, contests and many more surprises .

The Doors to access the event will open at approximately 17:15 and they will close at 19:00 for security reasons. People that by that time haven’t accessed the venue won’t be able to get in, no matter if they already have a ticket. Read more…

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