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Stephen is often asked if he feels any rivalry with the stars of Twilight but the British star is adamant he doesn’t envy Robert Pattinson, who plays brooding Edward Cullen in the hit Hollywood vampire franchise. Robert, 24, regularly admits his life has changed since he landed the role and often finds it unbearable living in the public spotlight.

“Listen, if I were a teenage girl I’d want to f**k Robert Pattinson!” Stephen joked in an interview with the British edition of GQ magazine. “I would have been floating upside down in a canal if I was Pattinson’s age. I wouldn’t have made it. I wish him the best of luck with that.”

Source: Music Rooms

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Victoria Justice is the cover of Teen Vogue and she talks a bit about Rob.

Ideal on-screen romances: ‘Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Nicholas Hoult and Danny DeVito.. Rob Pattinson is hot. Who wouldn’t want to make out with him? He’s so understated cute.’

Source: Ocean Up

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Here’s an interesting clip of Jason Schwartzman jokes that he’ll replace Rob in ‘Breaking Dawn’.

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80s heartthrob Aidan Quinn hit the big time by starring with Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan. He has kept up a steady acting career while maintaining his 22-years-plus marriage to Elizabeth Bracco, who is the mother of his two children.

He offers a few words to Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson, 24.

“Try and pick good projects,” the actor, 51, tells me. “Do what you want to do that challenges you as an actor. Be smart, have fun and start to produce your own material because the big fame rarely lasts. There will come a day when the phone doesn’t ring as much as it used to.”

Source: OK Magazine

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Celebrity Trainer Harley Pasternak talks about getting Robert  getting in shape for ‘Water for Elephants’.

How he got Robert Pattinson to be even more swoon-worthy:
“We work with him whenever he has a film to get ready for, which is quite often. Right now for the movie he’s doing, ‘Water for Elephants,’ we’re working with him on that. He’s a great client, works hard. Again, not someone who naturally is someone who grew up working out and going to the gym, but it’s part of his job and part of looking good and feeling good.”

Why his diet appeals to the celeb clientele:
“It requires the least amount of time for the most amount of results, and the clients that we have, that’s what they’re looking for. They need to see results, and they don’t have a lot of time to see those results. It also has to be sustainable.”

Harley’s 5-Factor Diet has been a celebrity favorite for quite some time, and his client list includes Miley Cyrus, Robert Pattinson, Lady Gaga, Megan Fox, Katy Perry, Seth Rogen, and the Jennifer Hudson

Source: MSN

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Jimmy Fallon talks about working with Robert Pattinson on ‘Robert Is Bothered’.

PopSugar: Can we expect to see Robert is Bothered at the Emmys?
Jimmy Fallon: Of all the bits on our show that we can do, we gave [the Academy] 10 different versions of all sorts of things we could do, to which they said these are all great, but we have to give out awards. So we have to cut it down to three bits. And Robert is Bothered was not in there. I pitched Robert is Bothered for Teen Choice Awards.

PS: How was Robert Pattinson to work with on Robert is Bothered?
JF: He was a great sport. He climbed up in the tree and did it with us. I’ve never heard louder screams in my life. The screams didn’t compare to anyone, even when Justin Bieber has been on. He was describing his movie Remember Me and people would just not stop screaming. And I was just thinking this is so cool. What an experience. I really hope he’s enjoying this ride. He’s a great guy and he deserves it. He was really shy and really happy — exactly the same backstage as he is on the interview. He’s a charming guy, but just really shy and I just hope he’s enjoying the moment. It must be super exciting to be him.

Source: Pop Sugar

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Written by on 07.30 in General News, Interview

Chris Cooper, who portrays a detective in his new film Remember Me, co-starring teenage heart-throb Robert Pattinson talks a little about Rob.

“He’s a very sweet young man,” he said of the Twilight star. “He’s up against the kind of notoriety that’s monstrous at that age. I don’t know how he handles it.”

Source: Barn Stable Patriot

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Written by on 07.29 in General News, Interview, Video Updates

Bill Hader talks about meeting Robert & Taylor during Les Grosman MTV Awards.

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A family in North Georgia is about to become part of movie history. Carol Cross says her husband and his brother own the home where scenes of the movie Water for Elephants will be shot later on this week.

The Cross family says they were approached about the film in the spring. Since that time numerous film crews have traveled back and forth to Chickamauga, Georgia to scout and prepare the site.

The family says crews spent months and miles on the interstate trying to find the perfect location to shoot the scenes dating back to the 1930′s. Read more…

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Sabrina Frank was cast as Vera in ‘Eclipse’, Rosalie’s friend in her back story. Her part was eventually cut from the film. In an interview with Glamour (Germany) she talked about Rob.

Glamour: Did you notice the Hype around that Robert Pattinson & CO.?
Sabrina: Yes, and how. It really is unbelievable that the fans will find all these locations. On my first day of shooting, we are driven into the middle of the woods, I would have never found this way – and when we got there, there were already dozens of fans waiting. I was completely shocked, but my driver said, the fans usually know already, which is rotated before it even know the driver. While it is all off and they do not come anywhere near the set, but for the fans is the greatest, when a car drove past in which they might sit Robert Pattinson!

Glamour: Did you meet Robert personally?
Sabrina: Yes, I sat with two times with him in the mask. That was altogether a very calm and really pleasant situation. I also met Kristen. I respect Robert and Kristen and the job they do and am very grateful that I got to know them.

Glamour: Did you feel Robert & Kristen were arrogant?
Sabrina: It is surprising that the actors who had more minor roles in “Eclipse”, I met with a much greater arrogance, as Robert and Kristen. Some people did not even shake my hand or looked at me in the eyes. That was all very superficial. Kristen and Robert on the other hand looked at me very interested, shook my hand and listened as I spoke. I found them very enjoyable and authentic, very different than you expected.

Glamour: At that time, so the rumor bubbled to an affair of the two, you see something like this?
Sabrina: No. I only saw them together once and I think they are way too professional to kiss and cuddle on set

Glamour: You were four days immersed in “Eclipse”, what were your highlights?
Sabrina: Meeting Robert and Kristen. And to see how human the two really are. I would love to do them any good because I feel so sorry. You need to hide all the time, because at the fences hang the teens. They don’t have a single minute for themselves. That one still remains is so normal in my eyes an insane performance. Also, I was taken seriously as an actress, I was allowed to speak in the trailer by director David Slade, like any other actor too – and with him about my role. It was great.

Source: Glamour De via Pattinsonlife

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