• Leah Sweeney

    Looks like this is going to be a good movie worth watching. Looking forward to seeing Rob working again.

  • Leah Sweeney

    When time allows, I will find a brochure that provides information about my hometown and mail it to Rob with hopes that someday he will visit my hometown as the province where I live in is a great tourist attraction during the summer time.

    I am thinking about taking a one-week vacation sometime in July, or maybe a long weekend, depending on how much I can afford it and how much I get back from the government this year.

    Wish me luck and say a prayer for me, please, okay? Because this past year has been very bad for me money wise and want this year of 2014 to be better than last year. To those who read the comments I put here—hope Rob reads them and reads them right—have a good night and a good sleep.

    Take care,

    Leah Sweeney
    ROBsessed fan