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  1. Leah Sweeney says:

    Nice to see Rob looking happy. Am curious to know why, not that it’s any of my business. I’m hoping he read my recent letter I sent to him in the mail with my ideas on it about how well he could make a good host to SNL in the event he ever decides to host that show.

    If he ever hosts SNL, I hope that episode becomes available to own on DVD as I truly believe that the DVD sales will go through the roof as a result in money being made from this venture; I might make some money from this venture seeing as the ideas I sent to Rob and Lorne Michaels were my ideas.

    Just to be on safe side, I sent one copy of my ideas to Rob’s official contact address in the UK and the other copy to Rob’s official contact in the states. One person can’t be in two places at once, but one person can be in two places in less than one year. In this way I can’t go wrong.

    Don’t know if Rob ever reads my comments. Hope he does and realizes he is truly talented and would make a great host to SNL and sincerely hopes he gives my ideas some thought before making any decisions about what to do about it.

    Don’t count on getting any replies to my fan mail, but wouldn’t it be awesome if he replied to my mail? If he do reply, he will likely tell me to leave him alone. I pray and wish every day he will reply in a positive and respectful way.

    To those who reads my comments, have a great day.

    Take care,

    Leah Sweeney
    ROBsessed fan

  2. Leah Sweeney says:

    Had another idea to help Rob make SNL a great show. Why don’t he ask Katy Perry to be a musical guest? She hosted that show before, did a great job. She can make an appearance and/or be the musical guest.

    Haven’t heard much of her music, but from what I heard of her music it sounded awesome.

    Hope Rob reads my comments.

    To those who reads my comments, have a nice day, good night, and a good sleep.

    Take care,

    Leah Sweeney
    ROBsessed fan

  3. Leah Sweeney says:

    November 18 is my anniversary. That’s the day I started working my current job. On November 18, 1996 was my first day on the job working as a cashier in a supermarket and have been working for the same company ever since.

    I was promoted to work in a different department in 2005, selling tobacco and lottery tickets in a tobacco shop, worked there and enjoyed it ever since.

    This job has its perks. Since my promotion to this job I have been in more contact with men, men who come to the shop every day to buy tickets or cigarettes. Some have complemented me on my appearance and a few have asked me to go out with them on dates.

    I may find my Mr. Right someday, or may never find him, but one thing is for sure: I found Mr. Fantasy in Robert Pattinson, and as long as he exists, I will always have Mr. Fantasy. He is the only source of my sexual appetite. He works better than viagra, not that I ever needed to take viagra as I heard of a viagra for women.

    I have thought of another idea for Rob to help him make SNL funny in case he ever decides to host SNL, but will write him another fan letter after Christmas as it’s getting busy these days with the holiday season approaching, and decided to wait until sometime after Christmas to write another letter. I may write one before Christmas. Who knows? Wait and see.

    Have a nice day.

    Yours truly,

    Leah Sweeney
    ROBsessed fan

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