• Leah Sweeney

    Rob looks great as usual. Hope he don’t work too hard.

    Well, after some work I was finally able to jot down my ideas about Rob hosting SNL on paper to mail to Rob. I will mail my ideas to Rob in care of his agency in the states, and will mail another copy of my ideas to Rob in case of his agency in England.

    After searching for Lorne Michaels’ mailing address I found it and decided to mail a copy of my ideas to him as well seeing as he is the creator, writer and executive producer of Saturday Night Live.

    I am probably making a fool of myself by wasting time and postage expense by doing this, but who knows? I may make money for this and have nothing to lose only some of my free time, which didn’t take very long, only a couple of hours or so, some paper to put my ideas on, envelopes to mail my ideas in and some postage expense.

    I thought of another idea for the SNL writers and will put it on paper to mail to Mr. Michaels. I will do it on my next day off. It will likely take a couple of hours or so, but what is there to lose?

    Anyway, to those who reads my comments, have a great day.

    Take care,

    Leah Sweeney
    ROBsessed fan

  • nisia

    Rob You are like happy :)