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I’ve added new high quality candids photos of Actor Robert Pattinson attends the 2nd Annual Australians in Film Awards Gala at Intercontinental Hotel on October 24, 2013 in Beverly Hills, California.

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  • Leah Sweeney

    Read something negative about Robert today from a magazine at my place of work. Don’t know if this is true or not and am hoping it is false. It said that Robert snorted some cocaine recently. It was an issue of Star magazine, if memory serves me correctly.

    Imagine reactions from other fans after commenting about it on another fan site. Well, the only difference between me and those other fans is that I do not care if that stuff is true or not. I love, like, or adore (whatever you want to call it) Robert in spite of his flaws, assuming he has any flaws as nobody is perfect. Robert is a human being just like everyone else. He is young, makes mistakes and will make more mistakes just like everyone else.

    It occurred to me that this could be a publicity stunt on Robert’s part, but I doubt it. The source who wrote this stuff could be jealous, lying, or just misinformed. Either way, I love Rob in spite of it all. Negative stuff in a magazine or tabloid will ever change the way I feel about Robert.

    Don’t know if that stuff is true or not, and frankly I don’t care, but let’s consider the possibility of him doing drugs. Robert is perceived by the public as being perfect, and that kind of thing can put pressure on someone. His Cedric Diggory character in a Harry Potter movie died trying to be perfect and I never want that to happen to Robert. Who wants to hear tell of someone dying for trying to be perfect.

    Robert, if you are reading this, I hope you answer my fan mail when/if you get it, not that I count on it or expect it, I only hope as hope is the only thing that keeps me going. Robert, if you are still reading this, I would love for you and I to meet some day, but am not counting on it.

    Realistically, I am old enough to be Robert’s mother; am not the best looking woman in the girl, but am not the worst looking woman either. I can say I received and still receive compliments from men about my appearance and was even asked to go out with them on dates after being promoted to a certain job about nine years ago.

    Anyway, as I said before, I hope there is no truth to the negative stuff that was said about Rob Pattinson; only saying to consider that possibility that he may have done cocaine, that the source is false, or that this could be a publicity stunt on Rob’s part.

    Either way, I don’t care. I, like, most people, and probably like Robert, always thought that nothing bad can happen to me to get me killed or nearly killed until one day on January 5, 2004, a car struck me in both knees in broad daylight while I was on my way to work on the crosswalk, causing me to fall down, head first, hitting the concrete, maintaining consciousness in spite of it while waiting for the ambulance to come.

    Don’t want to take up too much time and space on this website, but Robert, if you are reading this, I think you understand what I am trying to say. If you did drugs, PLEASE DON’T DO DRUGS ANYMORE, AT LEAST NOT THE BAD KIND, ONLY TAKE DRUGS DOCTORS PRESCRIBE.

    Also, Robert, please take good care of yourself. You and I may be strangers to each other and we may never meet, but I had a good feeling about you since the moment I ever laid eyes on you.

    I love you, and hope you have a long, healthy and happy life, even if it is without me.

    Take care, my dream man.

    Sincerely yours,

    Leah Sweeney
    ROBsessed fan

  • Leah Sweeney

    Sorry to make another correction again. In the third paragraph and last sentence it should have said “negative stuff about Robert in a magazine or tabloid will “never” change the way I feel about Robert.”

    Thanks for allowing me space on your website and for allowing me the opportunity to make the correction as in spite of the fact that this website says “this is not fan mail,” I am a firm believe that Robert Pattinson reads these fan sites, maybe not all the time, but maybe some of the time when/if he has nothing else to do, or whenever he feels lonely, sad, or just having a bad day.

    Anyway, to those who read this website, have a great day.


    Leah Sweeney
    ROBsessed fan

  • Leah Sweeney

    Have to make another correction again; sorry for my typo mistakes. It says in the sixth paragraph that “I’m not the best looking woman in the girl when it should say “not the best looking woman in the world.”

    Thanks again.

  • Leah Sweeney

    Not even going to bother making any more corrections as I think that Robert and anyone else that reads my comments as I believe know what I am trying to say.

    As long as people understand what I mean, that is all that really matters.

    Bye for now. See you in the movies, my dream man.


    Leah Sweeney
    ROBsessed fan

  • Leah Sweeney

    I feel tempted to send Robert a Halloween card as I did to someone that is no longer in my life as she was like a mother to me before she and her husband moved to British Columbia, but by the time Robert gets that card, the Halloween time will be over and am probably wasting money as he may never get that card.

    Anyway, at risk of wasting time and making a fool of myself I hope you are reading this stuff, Rob.

    Many thanks to you, Rob, for bringing something in me back to life from the moment I laid eyes on you.

    See you later.


  • Leah Sweeney

    Well, after doing some thinking, internet browsing and soul searching I decided to wait until next year to send Rob a Halloween card as although it would cost me little it has been a very bad year for me money wise as well as my losing a good doctor I saw regularly for 18 years.

    Other fans got negative impressions of me as being “scary,” or “unstable” with unrealistic expectations of me and Rob being together and wanted to reduce the risk of Robert ever having negative impressions like that about me when my dreams and fantasies of Robert and I being together are the only thing that is unrealistic.

    My dreams, hopes, fantasies and ridiculous crush on Robert may be unrealistic, but my expectations are that if Robert ever sees my fan mail and greeting cards, he will likely respond by telling me to “leave him alone.”

    That is the only realistic expectation I have about him. I sincerely hope that he proves me wrong some day by telling me something nice like “Hello,” or “how you doing,”and takes time when he is lonely, sad, or bored out of his skull when/if he’s having a bad day by saying how much he loves his fans.

    Don’t expect him to love me as I want to be loved by him, but have always maintained the firm belief that good things come to those who wait and to never say never.

    Anyway, thanks again for allowing me space on this website. To those who read my comments, have a good night, and, Robert, if you are reading this, PLEASE TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOURSELF. YOU ARE VERY SPECIAL TO ME AND NEVER WANT ANYTHING BAD TO HAPPEN TO YOU TO POINT OF ENDING UP DEAD LIKE SOME FAMOUS PEOPLE WHO DIES OF A DRUG OVERDOSE OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT.

    Whatever you do, Rob, don’t try drugs with needles as you could, at risk of my insulting your intelligence, get a sexually transmitted disease from it, not that I ever had any experience using bad drugs, but it can happen.

    Anyway, have a great day.


  • Leah Sweeney

    Well, actually, that’s not true. Only bad drugs I ever tried were alcohol and caffeine. I tried beer once; never liked the taste of it; also on one occasion tasted rum that my grandmother put in a coke A Cola bottle by mistake as it was her attempt to hide it from her husband, my grandpa, who loved the alcohol.

    Imagine my surprise to find that what I drank wasn’t a soda. I also drank a couple of glasses of wine at every Christmas dinner for the last two or three year with my turkey, but that is the extent of my alcohol intake.

    I had a problem with caffeine off and on for years, especially during my teenage years and early twenties until it got to point where it cost me a certain job and was lucky to recognize the problem before it got any more serious to point where it has been known to cause anxiety attacks, panic attacks, higher than normal blood pressure, and lucky for me, I was able to keep it to a minimum.

    Later I discovered ways to make caffeine to work to my benefit without it hurting me.

    Anyway, it’s getting late and I have to go to work tomorrow. Take care, everyone, and have a good night and good sleep.


  • Leah Sweeney

    BTW, Robert, if you are reading this, I just want to say for the record that I do not have any sexually transmitted diseases. I had too many serious health issues in past and if/when I find a good man to share my life with, I will make sure he don’t give me any diseases as I have enough shit to deal with.

    Got to work in a little while. To those who read this website, have a nice day.


  • Leah Sweeney

    Robert looks so beautiful in those pictures. Look forward to a day when I am one of those lucky fans who gets to pose for a picture with him.

    What a privilege it would be for me to pose with him. I should send him a resume applying for a job doing a sex scene with him in a movie or future episode of Saturday Night Live, if he ever decides to host that show as I firmly believe he will do a fantastic job.

    Have some ideas of how he could make it funny, if he’s terrified of not being able to make it funny; I was thinking about putting my ideas on a website, but decided to mail it directly to him at his official contact address in the states and in England.

    I have nothing to lose but some postage.

    Anyway, to those who reads my comments, have a good night and a good sleep.

    Yours truly,

    Leah Sweeney
    ROBsessed fan