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I’ve added new high quality candids photos of Robert Pattinson out in Los Angeles on October 6, 2013.

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  • Leah Sweeney

    It’s really sad that in spite of his success that he is unable to go anywhere by himself without someone seeing him or recognizing him.

    I was at work behind the cash register one day when a certain celebrity, namely Canadian actor, Gordon Pinsent, came into the tobacco shop where I work to buy some cigars. I asked if I may shake his hand and told him I saw some of his films, and that it was really nice to meet him. I could have asked for his autograph but I didn’t want to bother him as he looked like he was enjoying his time off.

    I sincerely hope and will pray to St. Anthony, angel of miracles, that Rob answers my fan letter in a positive way instead and in the event he tells me to stop bothering him with fan letters telling me to leave him alone, which I hope he don’t, I will honor his request and respect his wishes.

    Of all the serious health issues in my past Rob has brought back in me something to life and have never felt as good as I feel now.

    Thanks Rob and hope to hear from you, not that I count on it or expect it, but will pray and hope.

    Thanks to the administrators and moderators for allowing me space on this website.

    Yours truly,

    Leah Sweeney
    Robsessed fan