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CosmopolisItalia talked to Patricia Mckenzie (who plays Eric Packer’s bodyguard in Cosmopolis). Here’s an excerpt of the interview where she talks about her scenes with Robert… Thanks to Pattinsonlife for the source!

CI: In “Cosmopolis” you play Kendra Hays, Can you tell us something about her? Who is Kendra?
PM: Kendra is an exhibitionist who craves power and wants to dominate Eric Packer (Robert Pattinson) sexually. She was initially hired to be his bodyguard, but quickly becomes his lover. They are opposites in many ways, but both are hollow inside and searching for meaning in their existence. Ultimately, they risk leaving each other feeling as empty as they started.

CI: Did you give any workout tips to Robert Pattinson? How about your own workout schedule?
PM: Our love scene happened one month ahead of schedule so neither of us had time to get in the exact shape we wanted to be in, but I did a juice fast three days prior, and he went to the pub and drank a beer. Rob already has an incredible screen presence that comes easily to him, so he is very relaxed about how he appears.
A few months before we started shooting, I started boxing and combat training and I did a 3 week detox. It was something I always wanted to try, so I used the film as my motivation. I really enjoyed the process and have integrated the healthy eating and the boxing into my lifestyle.

CI: One of your scene involves you shooting Robert with a taser gun..did something funny happened that day? can you tell us something about it?
PM: For me the funny thing was that everyone approached the scene with no idea what was going to happen, but to be ready for anything. David, Robert and I explored it together, the way we might do if it were a play. We thought we had it nailed down, so we took a lunch break for the crew to light the scene. Then, after lunch, David said he wanted to shoot the scene a different way so the crew took time to re-light everything and Robert and I had time to bond a bit more before we started shooting the love scene. The result is amazing, very sexy, tense and humorous. I can’t really say what happens with the taser, you will have to see the movie to find out!

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When the director walked the red carpet last week at the Gotham Independent Film Awards in support of his film “A Dangerous Method,” he stopped to speak again with MTV News’ Josh Horowitz, revealing which scenes in particular were the most challenging for Pattinson.

“Probably the last couple of days was where there was just a long, long, maybe 15-minute scene with Paul Giamatti, just the two of them in a couple of rooms,” Cronenberg said. In “Cosmopolis,” Pattinson plays Eric Packer, a young millionaire who just wants to get his hair cut. Things go awry when his limo gets stuck in traffic and a stalker, played by Giamatti, causes even more trouble.

Cronenberg said that one of the biggest testaments to Pattinson’s skill as an actor was the effect he had on his Academy Award-nominated co-star. “They were both brilliant, and Paul was really impressed,” he said. “If Paul’s impressed, he’s a good judge of other actors, and he said so publicly.”

The director is simultaneously promoting “A Dangerous Method” and putting the finishing touches on “Cosmopolis.” Cronenberg said that juggling both has never been an issue: “I’ve edited ‘Cosmopolis,’ and I’m about to go to Paris next week to do the sound mix of it, but I can switch over. It’s like having two kids. When one kid comes through the door, you’re there for that kid.”

Source: MTV

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Congratulations to the casts of “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” for winning ‘Rockin Ensemble Cast Film’ at Youth Rocks Awards 2011!

Rockin Ensemble Cast Film
Twilight Saga: Eclipse

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No. 3

Robert Pattinson
For every $1 Pattinson is paid, his films earn an average $39.43.
No. 3 Robert Pattinson -For every $1 Pattinson is paid, his films earn an average of $39.43.

The Twilight star ranks lower than Kristen Stewart because he’s been busy. Only one of his Twilight films, Eclipse, qualifies for the list. The other films we looked at for Pattinson were Water for Elephants and Remember Me.

Source: Forbes

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Casting of Robert Pattinson in ‘Cosmopolis,’ someone whose acting might not be as critically lauded as Mortensen’s, was obviously a well-thought-out decision, then.
Well, Keira’s acting doesn’t always get praise from high-brow critics, either. I would use that parallel. You have a young actor who’s found success with a franchise just like Keira did with ‘Pirates of the Caribbean,’ who’s underrated because of that. In each case, they’re too pretty and too successful so people are jealous. As a result, people assume that they can’t possibly be good actors.

So what was the exact motivation for casting Pattinson in ‘Cosmopolis’?
He’s the right age, he’s got the right screen presence, and when I looked at his other work I thought he’d be really interesting for the role. Casting is a black art – it’s a bit mysterious how you come to these things – and it’s subjective, too, of course. As a director, there are no rules to guide you. You have to go with your gut, ultimately.

Source: Movie Fone

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Robert Pattinson arrived at the luxurious Four Seasons hotel, in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, very much like himself. Beard, jeans, white shirt and hat turned to the back. Before we started the interview, he passed by me carrying a dog bed and left it in a room, at the end of the hall, where Bear was. Yes, Rob’s dog always joins him in his business commitments, ever since his owner adopted him, during Breaking Dawn filming. 

The English actor came back laughing and not even caring that I was there seeing everything. Rob is exactly like that: a simple guy that makes sure to always be himself. In 4 years of the Twilight saga, the most famous actor in Hollywood, never let success go up to his head. He was never involved in scandals and doesn’t like talking about his personal life – even his relationship with Kristen almost goes unnoticed. Rob’s secret? To have his family and his “few true friends” always around him. In this exclusive interview to CAPRICHO, Robert Pattinson also talked about what he felt while shooting ‘Breaking Dawn’: he said he only got scared during the wedding scene when saw Kristen walking dawn the aisle towards him, and that he was terrified to hold a real baby. Ah! Notice the loving way he talks about his girlfriend. 

It was so cool to see you talking Portuguese…
I wonder what the fans thought of me. They think I did it all wrong.. Honestly, I was just repeating the words people were saying to me. (laughs)

What did you feel when you saw Kristen wearing the wedding dress?
She looked amazing. To me, it was a very easy scene. I didn’t have to hide, like Kristen, because of the dress. She was so stressed, sitting inside the house, waiting for the paparazzi helicopters to leave. I was great, until I saw her walking in my direction. When I saw her terrified look, I realized that it was my scene too, that I was going to have to do something. (laughs) It was my time to freak out. But it was a beautiful scene.

And the sex scene? Was it difficult to shoot?
No. That was easy! (laughs). The hardest thing was that, in normal movies, when you’re doing a sex scene, people don’t pressure you a lot because the director doesn’t want to intervene and suggest how he would do that. (laughs) But in Breaking Dawn, it was different, there was too much expectation. How to make all the people, that were waiting for that moment, happy?

Do you think you did well?
I think all the merits go to the director, Bill Condon. Because there weren’t many ways to film a nice sex scene with a PG-13 rating. You can’t show too much. It can’t be “complete”, with everyone naked. (laughs)

Was there anything that made your life easier during that time?
Actually, nothing made things less weird. (laughs) There were three men to break the bed. I was trying to do a sex scene and there was huge guy laying on the floor, looking at me and telling me what to do.

How was your attitude torwards Kristen
I was worried about protecting her because, you know, in that situation, everything is more complicated. But in the end, she was more comfortable with her body than I was with mine. (laughs)

Were you embarrassed to be shirtless
(Laughs) I was trying to keep the sheets covering us during the breaks between scenes. But it was more because of me than Kristen (laughs). Have to be judge by how I look like is terrifying. — I avoided that the whole saga. –

Did you work out to film those scenes
Yes. But, as soon as I filmed them and didn’t need to be shirtless, I stopped working out. (laughs) 

The birth scene is so dramatic. How was to shoot that?
I read the script and didn’t understand it. It didn’t look like a Twilight scene. To see Bella almost dead and have to do a c-section with my mouth. I thought: “How are they going to film that?”

And Kristen? She was okay with it?
She’s very commited to the role and was really involved in Bella’s story. She was so intense in the scene, I don’t know, I think it brought out an emotion in me. For the first time during the saga I was nervous. There was no other way to shoot that. It’s a scary scene. Read more…

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Thanks to an entertainment distributor, today we’re learning more details about The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1′s DVD/Blu-ray release.

It will be hitting store shelves earlier than thought, and special Valentine’s Day-packaging is in the works.

Saturday, February 11th, 2012 is the release date. Word is that the official announcement will be coming January 3rd.

Source: Hypable

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I’ve added new additional hight quality candids of Robert Pattinson leaving a pub in Los Feliz on December 3, 2011.

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I’ve added new high quality candids photos of Robert Pattinson leaving a pub in Los Feliz on December 3, 2011.

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