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Congrats to Robert Pattinson on making IMDB’s Starmeter Top 25 of 2010, ranked #3.

.3. Robert Pattinson
(Last year: #1)
Our favorite sparkly vampire tumbled from the top spot this year, even as Eclipse escalated Twilight fever to unforeseen heights. Don’t worry, Edward — Remember Me, we don’t.

These STARmeter™ rankings were not based upon critical assessments or box-office performance but the actual search behavior of the more than 100 million monthly unique users of The results are an aggregate of weekly STARmeter rankings from

Source: IMDB

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Written by on 12.19 in 'Bel Ami', Headlines & Rumors

Opens: 2011

Cast: Uma Thurman, Robert Pattinson, Christina Ricci, Kristin Scott Thomas
Director: Declan Donnellan, Nick Ormerod

Summary: In Belle Epoque-era Paris, a former French soldier from the lower class returns from Algeria and becomes a journalist. Through a series of affairs with well-connected women, he uses his looks and smarts to make his way up the social ladder.

Analysis: Though sharing the same name as Europe’s most prestigious hardcore gay porn studio, a fact that made many a headline writer’s day when “Twilight” hunk Robert Pattinson was cast, the film is actually an adaptation of acclaimed French author Guy de Maupassant’s second novel in 1885. The story is familiar, a young man basically screws over and just plain screws his way into high society, yet it’s also considered one of the great books of its time and remains a perennial favourite in certain countries. Read more…

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Uma Thurman has mentioned Robert Pattinson from her recent interview article  where she discussed about age differences.

Have you ever felt any difficulty to find interesting roles because of age?
In the last movies, I only have romantic relationships with younger guys. Even my 12 years-old daughter noticed that. Of course I’m very disturbed by the fact that Robert Pattinson played my husband.. But my current mate is seven years older than me.

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Written by on 12.17 in 'Water for Elephants', Reviews

Entertainment Weekly:
Robert Pattinson looks like a man in the adaptation of Sara Gruen’s best-seller Water for Elephants, acting opposite Oscar winners Reese Witherspoon (the beautiful performer his character, a veterinary student in charge of caring for a traveling circus’ animals, falls for during the Depression) and Christoph Waltz (Witherspoon’s husband, the troupe’s animal trainer). Director Francis Lawrence seems to be channeling Tim Burton, and it works. The music lures you in, as does the always affecting Hal Holbrook, who plays Pattinson’s aged character recalling the story of “the most famous circus disaster of all time.” The finest compliment you can give a trailer for an adaptation is that it makes you want to read the book. This one does it for me.

People Magazine:
Forget Bella! Robert Pattinson woos Reese Witherspoon in the new trailer for the film adaptation of Sara Gruen’s bestselling novel Water for Elephants, which is due in theaters in April 2011. Pattinson plays Jacob, a veterinary student who joins a traveling circus during the Great Depression. He falls for the show’s sultry star Marlena (played by Witherspoon), who’s involved with the Ringleader, played by Christoph Waltz. “You’re a beautiful woman, you deserve a beautiful life,” Jacob tells Marlena, but the Ringleader seems determined to keep them apart. Sounds like a love triangle of Twilight proportions! Read more…

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If the headline of this video hasn’t already enticed you to watch, then the mock MPAA rating/preview banner our brilliant digital producers here at MTV News have created should. “Rated S for Smoldering,” “contains longing gazes, perfect hair.” Not to mention the opening bars of Usher’s oh so romantic “OMG” playing in the background…

Robert Pattinson fans, this one’s for you. Feast your eyes upon one of our finest video compilations yet, the “Smoldering Robert Pattinson Trailer Mash-Up.”

In this surefire favorite, MTV News has compiled video clips of the RPattz at his finest (via trailers for “Twilight,” “Little Ashes,” “Water For Elephants” and “Remember Me”): lingering gazes across the parking lot in “Twilight,” the casual-yet-perfect “doorway lean” in “Water for Elephants,” sweet nothings whispered during one of 100 emotional chats between Edward and Bella…

Read more…

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I’ve added new posters & HD trailer screen captures of Robert Pattinson in “Water For Elephants” movie to the gallery. Also, I’ve updated a HD movie trailer of the movie.


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Written by on 12.15 in 'Water for Elephants', Video Updates

I’ve updated a new trailer of “Water For Elephants” with extended scenes from ET. Later onwards, I will be uploading the HD trailer & screen captures to the gallery soon.

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Congrats to Robert Pattinson for making Teen Vogue’s Top 50 Most-Searched Celebrities. He is ranked #20.

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Written by on 12.14 in 'Water for Elephants', Video Updates

Here’s the teaser preview from Robert Pattinson’s “Water For Elephants” trailer on ET. They will be premiering the official trailer tomorrow.

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Some girl claims that she saw the trailer here are the details…..

Work at a theater so got to see the trailer early. It’s going to be a very pretty looking movie. The score is beautiful also. But the trailer focuses seems to play like the most important thing is a love triangle.

I know it’s important in the book, but I hope the movie doesn’t make that the maic concern since there are so many other things going on.

Christoph looks amazing as usual. Resse didn’t say much in the trailer but is looking sexy in some skimpy yet beautiful clothing. There is one shot where she is lying on top of a horse in a sexy manner. Read more…

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