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It’s already been quite a year for him and it looks like this is only the beginning for young stud Robert Pattinson.Following filming duties in Vancouver, the “Edward Cullen” actor is currently in France for the annual Cannes Film Fest, where it was just announced that he has been cast in the film “Bel Ami.”

The film is an adaptation of “Guy de Maupassant’s” short story and is scheduled to begin shooting in Paris next year.

In addition to his role in the “Twilight” series and “Bel Ami,” the actor will be starring in the upcoming film “Remember Me.” He also plays Spanish artist Salvador Dalí in the upcoming biopic “Little Ashes.”

Wait, there’s more! The 23-year-old has also confirmed he is to star in a fourth “Twilight” movie.

Source: Celebrity Gossip

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  1. Midori says:

    Well, Rob mentioned that he wouldn’t put any girl through what he has to go through with his chaotic life. However, his friendship with co-star Kristen is rather cozy. She would make a cool girlfriend for him since she has gone through the crazyiness herself. She knows how it is for Rob and she handles herself well in public. Rob is shooting Remember Me now and Kristen will be shooting Joan Jett movie in Runaways. Kristen has a great singing voice.

  2. Midori says:

    Rob mentioned recently in an interview about playing a role in Bel Ami. He has always wanted to work in France, now he has the chance. Also, he does speak a little French. I’m sure the movie will be a success. Rob is a very talented actor. The script must be really well written or he wouldn’t of accept the role.

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